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Novego oferece programas on-line para pessoas que sofrem de depressão, ansiedade ou burnout. Os programas são desenvolvidos por psicólogos e médicos e são baseados em terapia comportamental cognitiva, terapia sistêmica e formação em mindfullness. Após 4 a 12 semanas de participação no programa, o paciente tem a possibilidade de aceder ao conteúdo por mais um ano de forma a assegurar uma transferência de conhecimento e prevenção de recaídas. As consultas telefónicas disponibilizadas são, também asseguradas por psicólogos.

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Novego develops online programs for the supportive treatment of psychological suffering like depression or anxieties. The programs combine medical, therapeutic and pedagogic competences on the basis of scientifically proven methods of cognitive behavioural therapy and systemic therapy as well as mindfulness training. If possible, the multimedia contents are composed individually so that they comply with the load and life situation of the patient. The target group are people with light or moderate depression, with burnout syndrome or with anxieties in form of panics or phobias. The patients get support in coping with their symptoms autonomously over a period of 4 to 12 weeks. In the following year they have direct access to all contents in order to guarantee a transfer to daily life as well as to prevent relapses. If desired, the patient can hand in weekly tasks and/or personal concerns at the psychological department of Novego. Additionally there are offered telephone consultations with qualified psychologists. Help-ID is a 12-week program for people with depression and sub-programs for people who additionally suffer from postpartal depression, coronary heart diseases or chronic back pain. ExID is a 4-week program for people with depression and ConfId a 4-week program for people with panics and/or phobias. Furthermore the website delivers comprehensive information about online therapy in general, cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic therapy, self-help, mindfulness, stress management, heart, anxiety and depression, chronic pain and postpartal depression.

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