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O website oferece vários materiais de auto-ajuda on-line e fornece informações baseadas em evidências gratuitas sobre problemas emocionais e ensina estratégias aos utilizadores para os prevenirem:

  • Materiais de auto-ajuda on-line para ansiedade e depressão
  • Materiais de auto-ajuda on-line para a depressão
  • Materiais de auto-ajuda on-line para ansiedade e pânico
  • Informações on-line sobre depressão, ansiedade e pânico
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CC - Atribuição-sem comercial-compartilha


Online Self-Help Materials for Anxiety and Depression

  • e-couch: Provides free evidence-based information about emotional problems and teaches users strategies for preventing them
  • Living Life to the Full: Offers a free life skills course aimed to provide training in practical approaches you can be used to tackle and respond to daily demands and issues
  • Here to Help: A BC-based website that includes tool kits, fact sheets, and discussion forums for depression and anxiety
  • The STEPS website_ A site that tells all about common stress problems and gives some ideas on how best to tackle them using CBT strategies
  • Get Self Help A mini 7-step self-help course based on CBT techniques that can be applied to many mental health problems

Online Self-Help Materials for Depression

  • MoodGym: Teaches cognitive behavioural skills in order to prevent and decrease depressive symptoms, free of charge
  • The Depression Center: Offers tools to overcome depression as well as an online support group
  • Coping with Depression: Includes 9 free self-help modules to help cope with depression and manage one’s mood
  • MoodSwings An online self-help tool for people with bipolar disorder

Online Self-Help Materials for Anxiety and Panic

  • AnxietyBC: Provides self-help information and programs related to the management of anxiety
  • Mastering Your Worry: Offers 11 free self-help modules about chronic worrying and generalized anxiety disorder, and suggested strategies for how one can manage worrying and anxiety
  • Coping with Panic Attacks: Provides 12 free self-help modules with information about panic attacks, and suggested strategies for how one can manage one’s panic and anxiety

Online Information on Depression, Anxiety, and Panic

  • Non-profit self-help site that provides expert articles, tips, and information on a range of mental and emotional health topics
  • Depression Information Guide: - CAMH Information guide written for people living with depression, their families, and anyone interested in gaining a basic understanding of depression, its treatment, and management
  • Anxiety Disorders Information Guide - CAMH Information guide for people with anxiety disorders, their families, partners, friends, and anyone else who might be interested

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