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Aconselhamento Krnetić (Savjetovalište Krnetić) é um website que oferece aconselhamento e psicoterapia para indivíduos, casais e grupos, assim como supervisão para profissionais. Na página principal está descrita a história da prática de Aconselhamento Krnetić, assim como o propósito da prática de aconselhamento e o background educacional. Os serviços incluem terapia presencial e terapia on-line através do Skype. Uma breve descrição da terapia on-line e informações sobre como estabelecer contato são fornecidas na página de “aconselhamento on-line”. Na página “antes do aconselhamento”, o terapeuta orienta os potenciais utilizadores sobre como se informar sobre o terapeuta ou a terapia antes de iniciar o processo. Além disso, o website disponibiliza respostas para as questões mais comuns. Nas páginas de “Download e Links”, podem ser encontrados materiais escritos e/ou links sobre perturbações de saúde mental, como a depressão e a ansiedade, tratamento, abordagens de psicoterapia (terapia

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CC - Atribuição-sem comercial-compartilha


Counselling Krnetić (Savetovalište Krnetić) is a web site that offers counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups and supervision for professionals.  On the main page the history of the Counselling practice is given as well as the purpose of Counselling practice and the educational background. It states that it is the first private practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The services offered include in person therapy and online therapy through Skype. A short description of online therapy and info on how to make contact are provided on Online counselling page and in Contact page. On Before counselling page the therapist advises potential users on how to inform themselves about the therapist or the therapy before they start the process. The potential user is encouraged to ask questions such as: is the therapist a licensed one, does he/she attend regular supervision, what is the agreement on sessions and pricing, etc. Also, unacceptable behaviours from the part of the therapist/counsellor are described (he/she over-exposed personal life and issues, asks the client to meet outside of therapy for private encounters, makes sexual offers, etc.  Also, the web site offers section answers on the most common questions   (“Do I have to take pills during treatment”, “What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist”, etc.). On Download and Links pages, written materials on psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety, treatment, and psychotherapy approaches (cognitive behavioural, relational-emotional therapy), codes of ethics, list of licensed psychotherapists in Bosnia and Hercegovina can be found. There are many useful links regarding info on and related to Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Relational-emotional therapy, and Acceptance-commitment therapy. On the Biography page the counsellor/therapist gives an extensive data on education/training and professional affiliation info. 

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