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Talk Through fornece informação abrangente e fácil de utilizar na prática terapêutica. Requer apenas um computador e acesso à Internet sem instalações adicionais. Pode ser utilizado em grandes clínicas, centros e institutos de medicina ou na prática privada. O Talk Through disponibiliza informação/soluções em três áreas de trabalho: administração, trabalho terapêutico e relatórios financeiros. 


Gestão do trabalho terapêutico em um só lugar


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CC - Atribuição-sem comercial-compartilha


To adapt to specific way of working of each therapist, Talk Through is designed modularly. Developed in collaboration with psychotherapists and clinical psychologists, it offers solutions that make administration and therapeutic work more systematic and traceable.  Online Talk Solutions try to enable therapists to devote more attention to clients and less time for administration work. In the design of Talk Through, great attention was paid to compliance with legislation in the field of personal data security and to the ethical standards that are part of European psychotherapy organizations. Talk Through uses the same security technologies as online banks, government and healthcare institutions. All data transmitted between computer and servers are encrypted.

In the field of administration, Talk Through simplifies daily scheduling. It allows entering or replacing dates of appointments.  Timetables can be arranged for individual, couples or group therapies separately and are integrated in a client’s personal folder. For the managing of a psychotherapeutic cardboard  provides forms for psychotherapeutic  and final reports, quick overviews, exchanges of data between specialists and uploading of x-ray images, reports, audio recordings and others.

Talk Through invoicing is adapted to Slovenian legislation. Accounts can be issued directly on the basis of hours worked, monthly, individually or for a specified period. Talk Through also facilitates communication with accounting. Data can be exported with an Excel file. Talk Through can be used also as teaching tool for communication between supervisor and students at the time of their practice.

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