Therapy 2.0 offers a modular range of awareness raising, training, teaching and information materials for therapists, advisors and counsellors. Please get familiar with them:

  • Therapy 2.0 Need Analysis: 252 persons participated in the Therapy2.0-survey and answered the questionnaire about their actual needs.

  • Therapy 2.0 Guidelines enable social, pedagogic and psychologic counsellors, advisers and therapists to transfer their face-to-face skills to the online environment, and to deliver counselling or therapy services via technology. They explain the integration of mobile devices in the counselling and therapeutic process, considering how their technological features support client activities like behaviour assessment and informal mobile learning. Another important aspect is how to approach the sociocultural levels of “digital natives” and how to make sure that they accept the therapist’s or counsellor’s advice.

  • Therapy 2.0 Best Practices complement the Guidelines with 48 international best practices. They show how online counselling and online therapy are used in European countries and beyond. They are a source for inspiration and information likewise.

  • Therapy 2.0 Training Material can be used as a self-learning course or in teaching in courses. The nine Modules cover all relevant topics of online counselling and online therapy: the whole spectrum of ICT tools, specifics of computer-meditated communication, legal and ethical issues, economic and financial aspects, necessary technical competences, psychological aspects and competences and how to handle ICT based counselling for asylum seekers, refugees and unaccompanied minors.

  • Therapy 2.0 Mobile Applications support the delivery of a set of counselling and therapy actions that are suitable for transfer to mobile devices. They can be used as a virtual information and learning environment as well as a means of disseminating the online materials.