Dissemination of Online Materials Ready to Start in May 2018

The Therapy2.0 Project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, continues to advance and innovate, having already achieved a large proportion of the products and training materials to be developed. These materials will be very important for the future effective implementation of online-therapy and online-counselling services using information and communication technologies.

In May 2018, the dissemination of the training materials and all other products will start in seven European countries: Portugal, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Iceland, Slovenia and Austria. At a first look at the materials is already available!

In the last meeting (April 12 / 13, 2018) in Vienna the team evaluated and discussed the organization of the contents developed over the last months and made available on the developed online platform, tested its functionality and the mobile application, which allows the access to content on mobile devices. Additionally,, aspects related to the products’ validation and dissemination were discussed, such as the creation of a video for the promotion of the project and its products, as well as the organization of multiplier events and associated logistics. Within the ambit of the dissemination plan of the project, all partners presented succinctly the strategies that will be used for this purpose and for the dissemination of the developed products.

With the outcome of the project, the project team believes that in the very near future European citizens will benefit from online health services in the area of counselling and therapy. These online services adapt very well to the younger population, the digital natives, as well as refugees and migrants, motivating the whole Therapy2.0 team to contribute to the advances of the project and the materials.

(Prof. Regina Silva and Prof Artemisa R Dores, ESS Porto/Portugal)

Therapy 2.0 project team large view
The Therapy 2.0 project team