Feedback on Portuguese Colloquium: June 9th, 2018, Porto

Colloquium Therapy2.0 – Psychotherapy and Counseling Online

On June 9th, the first multiplier event of the Therapy 2.0 project - Counseling and Therapeutic Interactions with Digital Natives was held at School of Health- Polytechnic Institute of Porto in the form of a colloquium entitled *Therapy2.0

  • Psychotherapy and Counseling Online*. The public, mostly professors in the area of Clinical Psychology and Social Services, therapists and counselors, showed great receptivity to the theme, in particular to the information and training materials developed in the project, having made several questions to the speakers.

Porto Colloquium Presentations

In the penultimate session, which was attended by some of the Stakeholders who evaluated the materials produced in the project, a very fruitful discussion was generated that allowed the establishment of potential contacts for the generation of a dissemination / dissemination network of the project materials, as well as their for use in other areas of health.

Porto Colloquium Presenters

The colloquium was a success, having achieved its main objective, the dissemination of the materials developed in the Therapy2.0 project, which will be a support for therapists, counselors and counselors who want to know more about the use of ICT applied to therapeutic and counseling interventions.

Also in July (July 12) will be the second part of this Colloquium which aims to deepen and explore the materials produced in the project and give the public the opportunity to become familiar with the application Mobile Therapy2.0 for consultation of the platform and the online materials that have the purpose of supporting these professionals in the practice of interventions / consultations using the new Information and Communication Technologies. For more information, please see the following electronic address: